About Me

Hi there! My name is Bri. I’m a lover of all things boho and bronzey. I run on smoothie bowls with granola & almond butter, and I’m obsessed with braids!

I started doing hair in a cute little shop in Bellevue, Kentucky, called 501 Salon and Spa. During my time there, my love for styling hair and applying makeup grew, and with that, so did my dreams! I spent every extra minute watching Lo Wheeler Davis brand herself flawlessly, and Chrissy Rasmussen as she braids all the babes to perfection.

I’ve been swooning over gorgeous beachy weddings, bohemian feel decor, and Habit Salon braids just thinking to myself why the heck not bring this to Ohio!? We can create that carefree, life-loving vibe right here too. So that’s what I do. Hair and makeup that appears effortless and feels like an elevated version of yourself.

So welcome to my page! Please stay to have a look around, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

xoxo bri